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Dead Cop t-shirtStart your own Ebay store, and/or build your own website (, they are free websites where you don’t need to know a coding language), and if we approve what you sell, we will be your affiliate, up to three tiers. Our domain, and your trailing URL string (“livesmatter” is the example to the left, and “livesmatter” is the unique username you will sign-up with below) is displayed with your choice of logo. Be creative or grab images from online galleries. As people enter the full URL, their behavior is tracked with a tracking URL (redirect), cookies with an infinite life span, and tracking code for any purchase of anything or donation at this website, and when they do make a purchase/donate, you earn 20%. If a surfer you send here also signs up as a seller and attracts purchasers here, they earn 20%, you earn 10%. The next and last level will also earn 20%, the level above them will receive 10%, and finally you get 5%.

The recommendation to brand what you and we do is to buy, in bulk, t-shirts, caps, jackets, buttons, pens, mugs, bumper stickers, placards, banners, flags, etc. I recommend, where you can buy 500 t-shirts for $500, and sell them for a good cost at $9.95., a 1,000% mark-up. If you cannot afford the $500, I suggest you get together with other members at forums here, and/or use, using for little risk, high profit margin advertising and goods/services investment and distribution. You can all join and pool together the money for our efforts here exclusively at alone, and once the group of sellers, who are non-transparent to the buyers, agree by vote it is time to transfer the money to the manufacturer, I as broker will take 5%, transfer money and shipping instructions to the manufacturer, and you should receive what you want in a timely fashion. Let me know at contact whether you want to do this exclusively through and, and I will wait for your vote/group decision.

What you sell can be sold online and at swap meets, even given away. T-shirts have universal appeal and even when used to wash or dry a car, the name is conveyed into brand awareness for a free collective of entrepreneurs and investors, sure to be among the highest profit margins of any commodities (space elevator with satellites) in history.

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