Mark Mauldin, who works as DEPUTY SHERIFF II, and lives at , , CA , are generally contacted at and .

They are really listed here to be the overpaid benefactors (making $95596.79 a year) belonging to the Sonoma County criminal justice system, either part of or benefitting coming from the Polly Klaas conspiracy where police, parole officers, and prosecutors did cover ups and intentionally aided and abetted her death, having a possible evil setup before convicted killed Richard Allen Davis entered Polly’s house on October 1, 1993, not having proof or motive for committing the murder, and little opportunity or motive to relocate her from Oakmont to Cloverdale. See

Although this murder happened twenty-five years back, it produced a previously rejected Crime Bill which had little to do with expanding the criminal justice system, just more federal prisons for tax evaders and expanding the salaries, healthcare, and pensions of criminal justice officials. Many people don’t receive a pension, and many don’t have jobs! Even if not responsible for the conspiracy, like other public workers, they are paid to screw up and get rewarded for it, while you suffer, and have an obligation, even if they privatize, to require a re-investigation into what really happened in Sonoma County in 1993. The crime rate just has gotten worse since, even though we had two good economies, the baby boomers got older much less criminally inclined, and then there have already been many abortions, meaning fewer juvenile delinquent boys.

Contact this public official, even if you ought to torment them. Don’t worry about criminal charges, if you are lucky enough to get arrested, make absolutely certain you pay for criminal speech insurance first at You will win the lottery, raise awareness for a tax revolt and get private probation when you cannot privatize the jails for any person except the cops, and get free publicity for your self-employment endeavors at ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT SERIOUS! TAX REVENUE Has Already Been Decreasing Rapidly And Plenty Of PEOPLE AEW Having To Leave PRISON!

Insert this individual on the paid dead pool at free to use private proxy servers and store-bought debit cards to hide your identity, and when this cop or prosecutor dies, you and the obituary verification people win will money, and be a part of creating the perfect Utopian world, while possible losing a hated enemy and contributor to counter-productive law enforcement officials.

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