Contact Michelle Mcintyre, doing its job as PROBATION OFFICER IV, and living at 3348 CANARY PL, SANTA ROSA, CA 95403, using and .

The person is mentioned here as overpaid beneficiaries (making $88758.6/year) of the corrupt and failed Sonoma County criminal justice boondoggle, either part of or benefitting belonging to the Polly Klaas inside-job where police, the parole board, and DA did cover-ups and intentionally aided and abetted her murder, with a possible nefarious setup before convicted killed Richard Allen Davis entered Polly’s home on 10/1/1993, not having proof or motive for committing the murder, only circumstantial evidence, and very little opportunity or motive to transfer her from Oakmont to Cloverdale. See

Even though this crime happened Twenty five years ago, it lead to a Crime Bill which had little related to expanding the criminal justice system, just the salaries, benefits, and pensions of criminal justice workers, and much more federal prisons for tax cheats. As private sector workers, we don’t receive a pension! While a good many are younger and not directly accountable for the Polly Klass conspiracy, the old cliché is, “If you want to goof off, you can work with the government!”. Privatization should start with a new investigation into what really happened to Polly, and prosecute people that used her as being a patsy along with a poster child for new laws and prisons, since it is in my mind conspiracy to commit murder. The crime rate just has gotten worse since.

Contact this public official, although you may ought to torment them. Don’t concern yourself with criminal charges, in case you are sufficiently fortunate to get arrested, just be certain you buy criminal speech insurance first at You’ll win the lottery, raise awareness for a tax revolt and obtain private probation while you cannot privatize the jails for any individual except the cops, and grab free publicity for your self-employment endeavors at This Is Certainly 100% SERIOUS! They Are Really ALREADY LOSING TAX MONEY AND LETTING Lots Of People OUT OF PRISON!

Put this person on the paid dead pool at free to use private proxy servers and store-bought debit cards to hide your identity, and when this cop or prosecutor dies, you and the obituary verification people win will money, and become component to creating the perfect Utopian world, while possible dumping a hated enemy and reason behind counter-productive police force.

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