Why is Keith F Smith, Police Sergeant San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, 2013 on a Dead Pool List,

A profession that adheres to that of police officer Keith F Smith is one of many over-paid law enforcement, Police Sergeant San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, 2013 who charges the normal California tax payer needs to be better analyzed by the particular naive who don’t understand police corruption, and therefore the nature of the beast, where cops often traffick drugs and underage prostitututes knowing he or she can abuse power and get hold of away with it. Prisoners are able to do more drugs in imprisonment than outside, even so the correctional officers are certainly not questioned or challenged by the mental weaklings of the general public who pay for all the insanity.

As a possible occupation like taht of Police Sergeant San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, 2013, more violence against cops, many dying, and many are gonna jail, caught for indiscretion because of ones own own cameras as well as increasing civilian camera presence. Civilians are constanlty arrested just pertaining to having cameras, and there are 12 states, if you are able to believe this, where civilians cannot legally film in public. but the police are undermined by covert cameras and the element, in a bad economy as well as a higher crime rate, that increasingly find incarceration a reduced detterent, as the actual government sells all your information online anyway to help it become unattainable a career, and these kind of ridiculous laws aren’t going to be tolerated, nor are these laws enforceable, because I anticipate the civilians will win, especially by reason of my contribution to covert cameras from the Minuteman operation. Offer the police power, it automatically leads to a police state, until more violence from technology making laws less enforceable and dimmishing tax revenues means the death with the police. As well as we alternate from Rodney King in 1991, the location where the photographer was horrified at the prospect of police retaliation when he turned in the camera, to a world with far more smart phone cameras, additionally, the covert kind I developed around the Mexican border like a Minuteman, it will continue to be impossible for the police to maintain their noses clean. You’ll notice 100s of reasons you are able to sue the police, but historcally juries and judges were sympathic to police determined by obvious bias. It is impossible to sue the DA, as you have to prove they knowingly hid exculpatory evidence. Kelly Thomas proved the judges, cops, and DA are all part of the good-old-boy network, and the six cops who brutally killed all got a slap on the wrist.


For peace officers like Keith F Smith, diversification of income, being part of a lobbying effort to privatize, moon-lighting on the side, but most importantly, getting out of those uniforms for camouflage or street clothes, with an increasing perfection of robo-cop to save lives when there is a hostage crisis, armed assault potential, etc., with high-tech proactive self-governance expected by all civilians, and a permanent great world economy because of the tax revolt at https://www.LegalTaxRevolt.com, means the only way for law enforcement to win respectability, as anarchy means the responsible behavior of forced autonomy and becomes order. Government with all its curupt behavior, evil double-standards, obvious conspiracies almost always forgiven or ignored by the 85% of the blind sheep is the chaos of the past.

These peace officers, in a matter of speaking, are constantly on the dead pool, and whereas the author of the website, Jim Wood, wins the dead pool if a mentioned officer from mass scraping of the Internet here dies. There will be prizes and/or monetary gains for Jim Wood and the winning prognosticators for the other dead pool in the forum, the author would prefer these officers privatize and use robotics, which I, Jim Wood, will then commit to removing all the names of all the officers from the departments for that dead pool that makes all forms of income non-tax-money official.|There will be money and/or prizes for dead pool winners, but an understanding the dead pool will go away when peace is established and there will be no respect for the retrspect, only the proative.

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