Police sprayPower is always abused no matter what you do. Give too many people a badge, a uniform, guns, a jail or death dis-incentive, it leads to the old conspiracy fact, and there are too many fools and weaklings who think otherwise, that if you abuse power, because of fear of lack of job security, you are rewarded for it. The blind sheep always say, “Well the system sucked, but we can fix the system!” If you’re foolish enough to try to fix the system, it just laughs at you, eats you and your offspring up, and defecates you out, and history proves this over and over again.

The great Polly Klaas experiment has failed, and I knew it would in 1994 when they passed 3-strikes-you’re-out and many other laws, and built many prisons, now all the prisoners are getting out. The vast majority went there for drug possession, and they do more drugs inside prison than outside. Many commit crimes because they were homeless or from south of the border, and jail is Club Med compared to what they otherwise go through.  In the same way the cops and other authorities aided and abetted in Polly’s death, they laugh at the many of you who thought the system was a good thing, and that it would not collapse like it has been doing for some time. The law enforcement, military industrial complex plays into your vindictiveness against a presumed extraneous evil element, when they were the people who really brought down not two, but three buildings in New York with two planes. There is permanent smart phone footage everywhere, and now covert cameras I designed, where many of you brown nose authority, and you will be laughed at, pitied, or shamed in the worst way as your descendants hate you now, because you have an inferior, obsolete state of mind who thinks your going to win, when it just leads to divide and conquer, and you serve my every whim and you sink in quick sand that much faster.

Something Biblical is going on. Do you really think God can lose? And if you don’t believe in God, but Darwin, won’t social Darwinism kill off all the over effeminized weenies?

By law, you don’t have to pay taxes. And again, there is no argument, as TV and radio are playing many commericials about how people are all qualifying for tax bankruptcy, as tax debt is not a crime. Tax fraud and tax evasion are a crime, but because the IRS has been losing money since 2012 and laying off auditors, the crap shoot theory says you have less and less of a chance of being audited, and you’re going to need that money to survive. How can they throw you in jail when it is very expensive to do so, a future’s market which is today’s market dictating they won’t have the tax money? The media will be villified for keeping these dead pools and successful predictions of peace officers a secret. That’s why journalists are on dead pools at Besides, with tax audit insurance, and three International tax shelters that no sovereign country can do anything to fight, why would you not save what you must for financial survival in a dog-eat-dog-world?  You can save your dignity, and save your lives. See and

Get with it. Privatization, self-governance, supply-side economics leading to a permanent good world economy and much better behavior, is going to happen, better sooner then later, and it will be the best thing that ever happened to us. The mental midgets, the parasites, and the bullies who don’t like my ideas, if you want to be a survivor, you have to fight these people, or save face as no one should be discounted for being a pathetic spineless jelly fish.

Victims have no rights, criminals have all the rights. Worse than that, not only the first thing you learn in journalism school is how the police and DA will frame you for being a whistleblower, they frame you for being a victim. The police and the DA are lazy, hate to have to work at all, so you often get the heinous sociopaths who make cold-hearted examples of victims, as they are “victim opportunists” in the wrong place at the wrong time, and for some reason, it’s the victim’s fault the alleged crime happened. They think they look tough, but they don’t look so tough now, with an increasing number of dead cops and many going to prison. Now they are on dead pool lists here, where you can individually insert the profile of a cop, and my Web crawlers will continue to grab and post thousands of cops with name, contact information, then photo, place them on them on the dead pool here. With your help, it will potentially be millions, using black hat SEO software like, and make it white hat SEO by using, as we are robot friendly, but you must have lists of cops and a reason why you think they will die, preferably in a spun template, otherwise your keyword Police brutalityrelevance scores will suffer, and I will eventually remove them manually if off topic. Just think of the increased likelihood of winning the dead pool contests for money and prizes when you upload millions of records! You are encouraged to and force them to privatize, force the public to use my plethora of ideas for how to be safe with private posses and better electronic surveillance. Until then, if you want to remain anonymous, and use private proxies to hide your IP address as we predict the increasing likeliness of cops you choose getting killed, coordinated with,, and other websites, you advance the inevitable at warp speed, and the “land of the free, home of the brave” will be restored.

And the prosecutors, who are impossible to sue for malicious prosecution, they’re next…